Case Studies

Learn How Nomadic Coffee Keeps Wholesale Orders Organized Case Study

BlueCart is a wholesale ordering tool used by Coffee Roasters across the U.S.. BlueCart provides roasters' wholesale buyers with 24/7 online ordering, resulting in more sales, fewer errors, and better communication at the point of transaction.

“Previously, we were taking orders by hand or text message. We needed a platform where everything was recorded accurately and where customers could easily connect with us. BlueCart was the solution.

Prestige Oyster Reduces Order Processing Steps With BlueCart

BlueCart is a wholesale ordering tool used by seafood vendors across the U.S. to offer online and mobile ordering with 24/7 catalog access to their wholesale customers.

Raz Halili is the 2nd generation oysterman of Prestige Oyster, located in Dickinson, Texas. His family has provided restaurants and wholesalers with delicious gulf oysters for over 40 years. Prestige Oyster is at the forefront of the seafood industry, using different technologies to get the most out of their business.