Press Releases

Deloitte Czech Republic Has Two New Partners

Starting from June, Deloitte Czech Republic has two new partners. They are Marek Kouřil from Consulting and Petr Neuschl from Tax and Legal.

Deloitte Czech Republic strengthens its position on both the regional and global level. Jaroslav Škvrna becomes the CEO of Deloitte Central Europe, covering 18 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, and Diana Rádl Rogerová, the Managing Partner at Deloitte Czech Republic, is newly responsible for the strategic management of Deloitte

UNIQA 2018: More Premiums, Increased Earnings and Higher Dividends

UNIQA CEO Andreas Brandstetter on the preliminary annual results: “2018 was a solid year for us in several respects.

We expanded and obtained new customers in the 18 countries in which we operate. We further improved our combined ratio to 96.8 per cent, due to comparatively low expenses for weather damage among other reasons and increased consolidated net profit by more than €70 million to €243 million.

Based on this expected result and our capital requirement that is at a strong international level of more than 250 per cent, we are able to propose the seventh dividend increase in a row of 53 cents.”

CERN in Vienna: UNIQA Tower to Become a Particle Accelerator

The CERN event “Research? What’s that to me!" at the Vienna Natural History Museum at 7 p.m. on Saturday, 8 September, will be the talk of the town with the UNIQA Tower.

During the event and on four more evenings, the LED façade of the UNIQA headquarters by the Danube Canal will display a mix of particle acceleration, fusion and explosion.

More than 40,000 picture elements and 160,000 individual LEDs on the 7,000 square meters of the building’s outer surface will illustrate the main activities and the importance of the European research center CERN.

UNIQA After First Six Months of 2018: Recurring Premiums Up, Improved

In the first half of 2018, UNIQA Insurance Group AG (UNIQA) increased its recurring premiums written including savings portions by 3.1 per cent while its earnings before taxes were up 47.5 per cent to €140.8 million compared with the previous year’s figure.

This includes one-time gains on disposal of €47.4 million in the first quarter of 2018 from the sale of the indirect interest in Casinos Austria Aktiengesellschaft.

Majority of Internet Users Read Books Either Daily or at Least Once a Week

A 17-country report just released by global market analysts, GfK, shows that 30 percent of the international online population read books “every day or most days”.

This population is lead by China at 36 percent, closely followed by Spain and the UK at 32 percent each. However, if the segment is widened to include both daily readers and those who read “at least once a week”, the international total rises to 59 percent, with China firmly in the lead (70 percent of its population), followed by Russia (59 percent) and Spain (57 percent).

Consumer Climate in Europe Increases Significantly

Media discussions were dominated above all by country-specific topics in the second quarter. As a result, the economic and income expectations and propensity to buy indicators in the different European countries show varying pictures.

All in all, however, the consumer climate for the EU28 underwent a considerable increase from March to June 2016, rising by 4.1 points to 13.1 points. You can see the indicators of 15 European countries on our website: